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Our greatest asset

Meet the People behind Level Labs

Level Labs consists of a group of very talented, young founders, creatives and game developers who are hungry to learn and create.

We dream big

The Story of how
we got started

March 2023
In the twilight of their academic journey, facing a challenging gaming job market, Jenny, Daniel, and Philipp revisited a business idea from 2022. United by a shared vision from their study days, committed to bringing this vision to life: making games.
May 2023
Sebastian and Philipp, having bonded over a student project, discussed their dream of creating narrative-rich games. Together they envisioned a future where their games would offer more than just entertainment.
June 2023
Philipp rallied David, Max, Fritz, Manu, and Anna around the initial idea, with Manu and Philipp laying down the structural foundation for our collective endeavor, turning a group of individuals into a mission-driven team.
July 2023
A crucial kick-off meeting saw ten individuals enter and, a few hours later, emerge as one cohesive team, ready to rumble 🎉
September 2023
Daniel, Hanna, Jenny & Philipp have received their Bachelor's degrees! Yay! 🎓🎉
November 2023
Our earliest concepts and drafts crystallized into a business plan, propelling us into the public eye for the first time as we applied to the R42 Accelerator, welcoming Hanna, an animation wizard, into our fold.
December 2023
The double burden of regular jobs and our venture took its toll, leading to exhaustion, scheduling nightmares, and a growing backlog, testing our resilience and dedication.

The feedback from industry experts was a reality check, showing us the too-ambitious nature of our first project and the difficulties in managing a big captable. This led to a period of reflection and strategic adjustment.
January 2024
Embracing the feedback, we streamlined our leadership to three key members and celebrated our acceptance into the R42 Accelerator. Revisiting our project scope led to faster progress, thanks to refined structures in task allocation and decision-making.
March 2024
This March, we're launching our company and joining R42's accelerator program, aiming to gain insights, network, and shape our future.

As our foundation solidifies with the imminent official launch, "DashDiver" nears release, and our first 3D game goes into production.
Our dream is to build a sustainable business over the next decade, bolstering Central Germany and Leipzig, and becoming a hub for gaming industry talent, aspiring to create impactful projects with compelling storytelling and quality design.

We aim to show our first 3D-Game at the Gamescom 2024.

Our Values

We believe that whether a small company or a large corporation, organizations need values to guide their actions in a rapidly changing world.

Our Game Development Studio on the rise

Our Journey at Level Labs

From humble beginnings to ambitious goals, get an inside look at our narrative that's as dynamic as our upcoming games.

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